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March 10, 2013

BREAKING NEWS FOR AFROCENTRIC THINKERS, RESEARCHERS AND HISTORIANS: PLS SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Catherine Acholonu Research Center for African Studies (CARC) researchers have found the ancient lost city of Akkad, the most famous Sumerian city that was ruled by Sargon the Great (ca. 3500 BC.).

Archaeologists say that it has never been found. It is the buried city that the British archaeologist Thurston Shaw excavated in the 1950s and wrongly dated. He actually excavated the seals of Sargon the Great, King of Akkad and those of his sons in the city.

We have found Sumerian symbols on NOK artifacts, indicating that they belonged to the lost city of Magan (the old mother civilization of Egypt). We have found a mighty ancient shrine created by the first world metallurgists of Sumer. It is 4,000 years old by the dating of Oxford University archaeology laboratory. It is laid out in the shape of the Sumerian symbol of the Garden of Eden….Plus so much more….. We are talking physical evidence!!!!!

The British Museum which now houses more than 80% of the Igbo Ukwu excavations must produce the bones of the monarch buried in Igbo Ukwu. He had a copper crown surrounded by the personal seal of Sargon the Great. He wore a regalia made out of a whooping one hundred and eleven thousand coloured carnelian beads!!! This was a world civilization in its time. The city was excavated under the foundations of houses of present inhabitants. It has all the famous symbols of gods of Egypt and Sumer cast in copper and bronze arrayed with ancient inscriptions that have been found in Asia, Egypt, the Levant and the ancient Middle East. It belongs outside living memory. We want the British Museum to open its doors and allow a post mortem on the Igbo Ukwu finds so that Sargon the Great can speak to the world and Africa’s. Fatherhood of civilization be recognized at last.

Sons and daughters of Africa, this is it! At last we have to proof to back the claims of Ivan van Sertima, Cheikh Anta Diop, Runoko Rashidi and other heroes of our time, that Sumer was a Black African civilization that gave birth to Egypt! This was made possible because, we have been translating the Pre-cuneiform inscriptions of the ancient Sumerians, who built the Middle eastern cities of Babylon and Assyria. Pottery, bronze and terracotta inscriptions are speaking the names and personal seals of kings of Pre and Post-Deluge ancient Sumer and names of lost cities. We call on all lovers of the mother land to join our committee to take this news into all major world cities where we shall address the world media, beginning in Abuja in early April. We need a world press conference to demonstrate our discovery before the international community of historians and archaeologists.


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